Merry Christmas 1997 From the Wolbert Family

A .PDF version is also available: 1997 Christmas Card in Acrobat (PDF) format.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Bob, Miki, Sarah, & Lisa Wolbert! We hope all is well with your family this year and that your Christmas plans are proceeding joyfully.

Season's Greetings from the Wolberts!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes from the Wolbert Family!

We share our accomplishments of the past year by sending you this booklet of photographs. We hope you enjoy it. Our web site has the photographs in color if you are interested (or insane).

Everyone, Lisa, Sarah, Miki, and Bob, all enjoyed another happy, healthy year. Sarah is attending first grade and Lisa goes to preschool.

Lisa began ballet and Kumon (Japanese). She likes playing, swinging (on her swing set), and drawing.

Sarah is 6 1/2 and is polishing her new reading skills. She also

birthday, she found out we would have a new member of our family sometime next May. Those two things will keep her busy all next year (and beyond).

Bob's second book, Designing With Low-Dropout Regulators was published in March. After winning a 50" television at a raffle, Miki told him we need a bigger house!

Overall, we had an exciting and enjoyable year, and the prospects forecast another great one ahead in 1998. Best wishes to you from the San Jose Wolberts!

Kauai: we prepare for a "traditional" Thanksgiving Luau. (Yes, we DID have turkey, thank you!)

attends dance school and Kumon.

Miki started a new business: she is a distributor for Nu Skin, a premium health care/skin care/hair care/body care product manufacturer. She will gladly answer any questions you have about vitamins, cosmetics, etc. On her

The Year 1997

January We recover from Christmas '96

February Lisa celebrates birthday #3 with a big party. We visit Japan

for Miki's sister Hisako's wedding.

March Anniversary #7 already?

April The Easter Bunny visits us.

June Sarah graduates from Kindergarten; she also stars in both a

piano and a dance recital.

July Sarah and Lisa prepare to visit Hawaii by taking

swimming lessons. Sarah celebrates birthday #6.

August Sarah holds a late, but really big, birthday party.

September Sarah starts first grade. Lisa

begins her preschool. Miki celebrates birthday number

21 (again) by starting her new business, Nu Skin, and by

announcing she is expecting.

October This Halloween, both girls win their category at the

costume contest.

November On Bob's birthday, he wins a 50" TV at a trade show. Sarah

is awarded the Academic Achievement Award for her class.

We celebrate by spending two weeks in Hawaii.

Lisa invited friends and relatives to her 3rd birthday party in February. She had an inflatable trampoline for the revelers.

The "One-Hundred and One Dalmations" inflatable Jump was placed on our lawn. Although hard to see, the photo shows some of the jumpers were definitely not youngsters!

Lisa's friends and relatives pose at the Jump.

Aunt Hisako was married in February. Lisa was the ring bearer and Sarah was the flower girl.

Lisa's School portrait, 1997-1998.

Lisa enjoys her ballet class.

The villain Hades (from the movie Hercules) served as a piñata at Sarah's birthday party.

Sarah starred in her dance school's show and also performed at Great America amusement park.

Sarah receives the Academic Achievement Award for her class

While in Japan, Sarah and Lisa dressed in kimonos for Shichi-Go-San. This is a children's festival for 3-, 5-, and 7-year olds, celebrating health and good luck. Oba-chan reports that the photography studio is displaying copies of this photo in their window as an example of their excellent work.

Sarah's school picture for the '97­'98 school year.

Pocahontas Sarah and Cruella DeVil Lisa each won their age group for "cutest cartoon character" at a shopping center Halloween contest. Their winning streak is stands at two years in a row. We did not bribe the judges!

The cartoon gang assembles on
Halloween night.

Lisa, a.k.a. Cruella DeVil, parades before the judges at the contest. Look how naturally she smokes that cigarette!

The girls stand on a particularly beautiful beach on the north west side of Kauai, just before the end of the road.

We spent two enjoyable weeks in Hawaii over Thanksgiving--the first on Kauai, the second on Maui. Here are a selection from the hundreds of photographs we took. Miki is still making fun of Bob for shooting many underwater pictures with very few presentable results. A couple of the better ones are shown here.

Sarah had one overwhelming desire: she wanted to make her own flower lei. She took a class offered by our hotel, and sewed four. While parading

around Lahina with her handiwork proudly displayed, she was asked by a passerby where the beautiful leis came from. Discovering Sarah made them herself, the lady offered to buy some from her. Sarah is bursting with pride with the "big money" she received for her work.

Beachcombers Sarah and Lisa find a crab in the water. They took it out for a closer look. Hungry? It doesn't get fresher than this!

Sea Creatures

Portuguese Man-O-War
Puffer fish (hugu)
Giant Sea Monster

We traveled to "Jurassic Park" in this helicopter.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bob, Miki, Sarah, and Lisa Wolbert