The Wolbert's Christmas Card, 1996

Sarah gives Lisa a piggy ride.

Three Dopeys.

In April, there were THREE Dopeys at Tokyo Disneyland!

Miki & Sarah on a scary roller coaster.

Miki and Sarah ride "Splash Mountain". You can't tell at this resolution, but Sarah is the only child with a smile on her face!

Sarah' 5th birthday in Hawaii.

Sarah celebrated her 5th birthday in Honolulu. Lisa helps her count the candles just to make sure we didn't scrimp. Nice place to spend a birthday!

Sarah's birthday in the park with new bicycle.
A birthday bicycle! Upon her return from Hawaii, Sarah broke in her new bike at a local park. Hey, where is Lisa?

Lisa's portrait.

Two-year-old Lisa readying for preschool.

Halloween photo.

Here is the beautiful and exotic Esmeralda and her goat, Djali, ready for some trick-or-treating.

Bob's birthday dinner.

K6XX was issued on November 5 -- Bob's birthday. Here we are enjoying birthday dinner (but someone would rather be on the air, breaking in the new callsign!).

Sarah models.

Sarah in her Christmas finery, made by Miki.

Sarah & Lisa on Santa's lap.

I've been a good girl, Santa, honest!

Best wishes for a happy & prosperous 1997!

VY 73 DE K6XX (& family)

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