The Most Beautiful Children in the World...

These photos are from 1995. For a more recent set, see our 1997 on-line Christmas Card, our 1996 "Brag" page, or the "Most Beautiful Children in the World "Brag" page

Sarah & Lisa's Christmas Photo, 1995. Filename: SALIXMAS.TIF

Sarah (4) and Lisa (1) pose in their Christmas best. (1995 photo)

Filename is CANOE.JPG

Halloween 1995: Meeko and Pocahontas paddle their canoe for Halloween candy.

Sarah, 4, swims with the tropical fish at Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii (November, 1995). She feeds the fish and becomes quite popular.
Filename: SFISH2.GIF

Sarah finds that some of them are a bit too close for comfort!

Filename: lisacute.jpg

I call this one "Lisa Cute". Any questions? (Hint: I'm not open to debate this opinion!)


Sarah is part of the train in ballet class.


Lisa the "biker"

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